Volunteers needed for Golf Tournament BBQ

To All Council Members,

We are in need of six volunteers to purchase, organize and cook hamburgers and hot dogs to be served to the golf players before the tee off time for the council golf tournament on Saturday, September 14 at the Links of Dardenne.

The volunteers are to to arrive at the golf course at 11:00am to start cooking and setting up for the BBQ before the golf tournament starts.

The tee off time is at 1:30pm for the tournament.so the volunteers are to clean up the area and pack up all the items that are leftover. Once this has been finished the volunteers are free to leave for the day.

Things like propane tanks, coolers, paper plates, napkins and other items are to be picked up at church and then brought out to the golf course by 11:00am.

If you are able to volunteer a few hours to help out with this task please contact Jeff Grotegeers at 314-413-9984 or reply back to this e-mail.

Thanks for your help in this matter,
The Golf Tournament Committee

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